Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan - Tokyo

Realized that this blog has not been updated ever since I moved to US. Last eight months have been a blur. Moving to a new place has its own learning curve. Learning to live without a big network of friends, learning to drive, learning to see your family through Skype. The list is long. As usual, time and distance have been the greatest teachers. More on that on the other blog.  Finishing up the long pending Tokyo post. This one is a guest post from S. :) S has a fairly severe case of ADD. So, she zones out at an alarming rate. Took her a lot of willpower (and time) to write this one. So, here goes.

April 2014 - We took the last train out from Fuji and reached Tokyo late in the night. Having spent two days in the sleepy town of Kawaguchiko, we were looking forward to the nightlife in Tokyo. And Tokyo did blow us away. This city seems right out of those futuristic movies. Skyscrapers, bullet trains, people hurrying around like it's the end of the world. It was a stark change from the laid back towns we had been visiting. It was almost like Bombay but again set in the future. Khaosan, the hostel we stayed in, was a hop skip away from the station. The hostel itself was located very conveniently and the rooms were very comfy.

Khaosan Hostel