Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Japan - Fujisan

Golden rule. Must not start a new trip without writing about the old one. It has been over three months and we have not been anywhere! Very rare for us. But with some major changes coming up, it has been kinda hard to plan anything. We put our foot down at the fourth month though. :) So, July has a good trek lined up. Treks are more up S' alley, so she is counting days while I am hoping we don't have to camp in snow. Anyway. I thought I should finish the Japan posts before we start packing our backpacks.

Kawaguchiko is a small sleepy town at the base of Mt. Fuji. The reason we wanted to see Mt. Fuji was simple. S had made a scrapbook about Japan in third grade. And she clearly remembered putting a pic of Fujisan there (while she doesn't remember names of people she met yesterday!). :D Kawaguchiko looked like our kind of a town - small, less people and very picturesque. The journey from Kyoto to Kawaguchiko just took forever! From Kyoto to Osaka, then Yokohama, Hachioji, Otsuki and finally Kawaguchiko. We have become such seasoned sleepers, that we managed a shuteye through the multiple change overs!
Last leg of travel to Kawaguchiko