Monday, December 9, 2013


<Updated after the 2015 visit>

Six degrees of separation. Flat world. Blah blah. World's become a small place you say? I think its become a difficult place. Close ones don't just move to different cities, but move to different countries altogether. Its not easy keeping in touch anymore. More the means of communication, lesser we communicate. Stupid ironies of life. So, a get together with some of these friends is so rare. And so awesome. :)

A long weekend in Singapore with Sri, Dips and Sam. The planning was watertight. Almost military-like. Excels were printed. There were schedules to be followed. And instructions to keep in mind. The whatsapp thread was bordering on frenzy. Now, I am going to keep this post simple. Singapore is a small place. Yet, we didn't quite see/do everything. Way too much time was spent catching up over glasses of beer and scotch.

Quick list of the places we visited - 
  • The Flyer - Time really stands still in the flyer! Possibly, the slowest way to see a city skyline. Way better idea to probably just go to the Marina Bay Sands rooftop and take in the view in a jiffy. And the only good way to see the flyer is from a distance when it lights up in the evening. The high point of the visit to the flyer was the gelato that we had after the ride (if you can call it a ride). 
Forlorn folks in the flyer :P
The flyer from a distance